Old home week is what they call it. After a 13 hour drive we arrived home to visit friends and family. After a little convincing, we attended the 4th of July parade. While it lasted all of 20 minutes there were some great shots to be had. I love each and every one of these. Most likely they will become prints for a show I’m planning on doing soon but we’ll see.

I did take A LOT of shots. Someone from the community asked if I would be willing to put them up on the web so everyone could see them. I certainly will but most of them won’t be edited…

Independence Day Parade

Plentywood, MT 2014

I did experience some cultural juxtaposition. Living in the city I tend to forget the very big issues that some rural areas face. Immigration and gun laws are important to us all. The first couple of displays in the parade really exemplified this. We all think differently… I really wish all sides could sit down and talk about it passionately but civilly.

I’m sad that I didn’t get to visit with many of the folks I meant to. So sorry to miss Todd, Alycia, and Laurel. Maybe next time when my dog isn’t trying to run for the hills!